My Mysteries


Bohodar Shved


1973 Lviv (Ukraine)

Now living in

Switzerland and Berlin

The term “mysteries” comes from Ancient Greece and includes a genre or type of action where the divine is addressed both in the people and in the whole;

I can say – it is a form of worship that is non-religious, but connected with art forms.

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Mysteries mean much more to me:

A space of perception opens up between the performers and the listeners, which can be entered from both sides.

It also has a mutually enriching effect, which leads to the deepest possible experience with the dramaturgy of the work on offer.

What is spoken about and, above all, how, and listening, become two equally important components of the overall action; one cannot without the other.

And that’s not all: Another room opens up – as if from another dimension – which lets the whole thing through as if through a little door. Then we hear ourselves heard and understood on another space-time acoustic level, which in turn means a very special experience for the perception of what we are “telling” right now!

At the same time, the sound comes back to us – enriched with the experience of the other level – with the coloring of the other reality.

There’s something like awareness-expansion happening in the truest sense of the word.

Furthermore, for me MYSTERIES mean a journey into the depths of the dramaturgy of the work on the one hand; on the other hand, the journey from us, from both sides involved, inwards, to ourselves, through the dramaturgy of what is offered.

It happens like a double movement:

our willingness to travel inward gives us true access to the work, and our examination of the work opens up the deepest levels within us.

We, the performers involved in it, experience ourselves in a way that is still unknown to us, at the same time as we discover a work that through the interplay of words and sound, also light, clothing, even scents and above all the space in which the whole thing happens in order to make the essence of the work accessible to us in the deepest and most optimal way.

This action can only be perfect when people EXPERIENCE it together and “simultaneously” in a space-time plane; the digital “transmission” has no value here.

In other words: We, the performers, who prepare the whole thing carefully, also with love and absolute enthusiasm, as well as the people who get ready to listen, embark on a journey together, where we see the work – but Above all, discovering, recognizing and appreciating ourselves.

We tell a story

The overall action is presented through all forms of art such as theater. Whether it is originally an opera or an oratorio or a premiere of a work that has just been created:
we go into the depths of the dramaturgy hidden in it and – absolutely in the service of its most powerful presentation – support its free development discreetly but with all possible means. (in other words: we tell a story)

In this way we look for suitable places and spaces that will receive one or the other specific work optimally in its acoustics and its elevation of the architecture. There, in this space found for this purpose, we “install” the whole thing in terms of sound and appearance in such a way that the optimal development of the work is also actively helped acoustically and visually.

And then, last of all, placing the audience so that they will be right in the middle.
The latter is not always possible, since a lot is already fixed in the churches, for example with the pews; But in other places this is part of the overall design!