Die Klingende Zeder - Concerts For Piece

Die Klingende Zeder is a project by Bohodar in association with the Ukrainian Men Quintet and Cornelia Dola Tulke

Bohodar’s project: Die Klingende Zeder: A Sound Journey For Peace will start in November with a tour in Germany and Switzerland.

The Sounding Cedar:
Concert For Peace

We are planning a concert for peace with a Ukrainian Men’s quintet and a musician couple, Cornelia Dola Tulke and Bohdan Shved from Berlin and Basel. Bohdan Shved has served as musical director and conductor the Amadeus Choir Bern, the ensemble, for many years CanTonale in Zurich, A cappella choir Zurich and the
Regional choir in Basel and has therefore performed both in the Basel region, Zurich and also in the Bern area are very well known.

Cornelia Dola Tulke is a practicing sound shaman. Her singing and its effect are known to the larger circle of people. Well known to listeners in Germany and Switzerland. Her voice and the way she sings reminds us of the ancients
Monodic songs in Central Europe, from the times of Hildegard von Bingen. This has a large and comprehensive range of vocal colors.

The five male voices from Ukraine complete this Sound mystery through the resonance of their powerful and pure voices. They create a sound space, heaven
and earth merges.

The project is aimed at creating freely improvised sound, which arises from the moment, with the old songs from the source. To bring together Ukrainian clergy and secular musical traditions, in connection with dramaturgy and active involvement of the audience.

For good quality music you need a professional Preparation; to create a high tension in the now, there needs to be a permeable openness to improvisation
Moment. When these two levels are connected, we have a sound place that affects people deeply takes you on an inspiring musical journey and accompanies you. We want to reach people’s hearts with our project, through our sounds
take us on a journey and touch our world in one direction move where peace and togetherness become a fixed and indispensable thing is/will be a component. “Our job is to make every concert as fulfilling and to make it so that we can experience it intensively so that when we go out there, we see, the world has changed for the better.”